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          Which bamboo chopsticks are good?

          2021-09-27 369

            I believe we all know the benefits of bamboo chopsticks and their shortcomings. We also choose bamboo chopsticks when choosing chopsticks. I don't know if we have considered such a problem. What kind of chopsticks made of bamboo are good chopsticks. Haven't we considered this problem before?

            Speaking of the better material for making bamboo chopsticks, there is no doubt that Phyllostachys pubescens. Phyllostachys pubescens is a monoaxial scattered bamboo plant of Gramineae, evergreen arborous bamboo, with a large rod, up to more than 20 meters high and 18 cm thick. Moso bamboo forest has large area, wide distribution, high economic value and great production potential. It is of great practical significance to carry out moso bamboo production.


            Moso bamboo has tall bamboo poles, green branches and leaves, evergreen all the year round, beautiful and tall, suitable for all ages, and does not wither after frost. Since ancient times, it has been often placed in garden paths, pools, streams, hillsides, stone tracks, patios, scenic doors, and indoor potted plants. It is also often cultivated with pine and plum trees, which is called "three friends in winter".

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